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Wild At Heart Studio Client Testimonials

I had heard about Penny for several years from my hairdresser and nail tech. Having not had a facial for many years and with only so-so results in the past, I was a bit anxious to book an appointment. I am SO happy I did! Penny is the sweetest person and I left the salon so chilled out I just wanted to go home and take a nap! Penny is a master at her craft and I cannot believe how amazing my face feels and how relaxed she made me feel. She took her time and attended to every detail and concern. I will be returning soon for additional treatment to some specific spots (face and neck) and will be a regular customer moving forward. My only regret is not visiting Penny sooner! Penny is EXTRAORDINARY!! Thank you! Linda H. - 02/20/21
I first met Penny for a permanent eyeliner consultation after a friend specifically recommended her because she is a perfectionist. Almost 10 years later, with a subtle lash line that really makes my eyes pop, I have had microneedling, dermabrasion, angioma and sunspot removal along with countless facials and peels to keep my skin looking young and radiant. Penny recently did my eyebrows with microblading and I cannot believe how natural looking the results are. My make-up routine consists of moisturizer, sunscreen and mascara. Not only can no one tell I have had permanent make-up, when it’s time to get ready I am out the door in under 5 minutes thanks to Penny. Her attention to detail and recommendations make me feel and look my best. I will not let anyone else touch my face because not only is she the perfectionist recommended to me years ago, she is a talented artist! Jennifer L.
Penny is a true artist at her trade, and does everything she can to ensure you are relaxed and get exactly the result YOU want and nothing else. I was extremely impressed- I had never even considered permanent makeup, but a co-worker had gone to Penny and her look was so natural I never even would have suspected it. Bottom line, having this done has made my morning routine so much easier, and helped in the AZ heat meaning I don't have to worry about "Raccoon eyes" thanks to Penny's artistry--she will go as subtle or dramatic as you want! I went with subtle since I can always add to it as needed, but this way, at least I can always depend on the basic accent (eye liner) being there without effort. She does such precise lines, and will take as much time as needed to get it perfect to your liking! WELL WORTH IT!! Molly K Minneapolis, MN
My teenage daughter is a beautiful girl (takes after her mom) but unfortunately had troubled skin and it really bothered her, so much so that it was dramatically affecting her confidence. I was talking to my hairdresser at La Lou Salon in Scottsdale about the problem and she told me to make an appointment with Penny at Wild at Heart because she said Penny is a skin care “wizard” and that my daughter would love her. When we arrived for our appointment, Penny was so sweet to Melissa and I could see Melissa’s immediate ease with Penny. I knew right away that we were in the right place. Penny told us that she felt very confident that she could clear up all of Melissa’s acne. She was upfront in telling us that she wanted Melissa to work with her for six treatments and that she wanted Melissa to follow her instructions very carefully on how to use the products that she was sending us home with. Each week, we could see a noticeable improvement and Melissa couldn’t have been happier, which made me thrilled. Six treatments later and my daughter’s skin was completely cleared up and she’s acting like a beautiful little butterfly again! Honestly, it was hard to believe such a complete transformation of her skin and her behavior. I booked two more follow up and facial appointments just to make my daughter happy, because she loves Penny. Penny and her knowledge of skin and products changed my daughter’s life and that’s not an exaggeration. Penny is absolutely terrific and next week, I’m having Penny do permanent make up on my eyes and lips so that this mom can look as youthful and beautiful as my daughter (joking) or at least closer to it for the first time in years. I can’t wait! Susan C. Scottsdale, AZ
Penny is a perfectionist, which is just what you want when tattooing your face. I visited her for permanent makeup--eyebrows--along with my sister and mother. All three of us are thrilled with the results. Hot tip to future clients: allow more time than Penny estimates for your appointment. There was much discussion about shape and color before she ever set to work, then drawn-on examples, and all that takes time. Weeks later, Penny had us each back for a touchup to ensure we met her high standard. She cares a lot, and it shows. I recommend her fully. And by the way, the pain meter was at 0. No pain at any time. None. I was pleasantly surprised about that! B.V. Phoenix, AZ
I wrote this review on Yelp (my first review ever) and sent it to Penny because I was so impressed with Penny and her talent that I felt compelled to write about my experience. I was referred to Penny for permanent make up by a very close friend who has been a client of Penny's for over ten years (that alone speaks volumes) because I was so tired of applying make up in the Arizona heat, actually tired of applying makeup all the time, only to have it smear or smudge, or having to dig through my purse repeatedly to find my make up and lipstick so I wanted to do away with all of that and try getting my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips done. That was the best decision I have made about anything in years because Penny couldn't have been nicer to me and her work is absolutely beautiful. She took so much time on the phone answering my questions (I thought I would drive her crazy) but she was so sweet and informative that I felt completely comfortable going in for the appointment. When I arrived at her studio, which was private and beautiful, she immediately made me feel like an old friend. She went over each procedure again carefully, telling me how long it would take, how it would feel, how it would heal and what to do during the healing process. Then, when she was sure that I was perfectly comfortable with all the information, she started in like an artist drawing in the shape of my eyebrows and making suggestions for the thickness and shade of eyeliner that she felt would best compliment my eyes and make them stand out. Then we discussed, and she showed me different lip colors she felt would look natural and beautiful on me. She told me that she was going to be using a topical to numb the areas before each procedure to minimize any sensitivity and when she started, I felt almost nothing, I think I actually fell asleep when she was doing my eyebrows. Anyway, maybe this is too long, but I am so thrilled with the results, I am not sure how to put into words how much better I feel about myself and no more make up! It really is like a dream come true. Penny, you are a truly amazing artist and I can't thank you enough! I love it, I love it, I love it!!! P.S. And she called and texted me afterwards to check in and make sure it was healing properly and that I was perfectly happy. Yes and yes! A true professional. Missi S. Scottsdale, AZ
I was spending a ton of money on Botox to get that “lift” in my arch and I knew with a little shaping in the right places I could get the same effect without injecting paralytics into my face. I’m so glad I waited to find the right permanent makeup artist. As soon as Penny looked at me she knew exactly how my eyebrow shape could be enhanced to make the most of my eyes while keeping a 100% natural effect (I don’t wear a lot of makeup.) She spent a long time measuring my face to get the exact proportions, get the arch in EXACTLY the right spot, and then spent the bulk of our appointment designing them until I loved the final product. The actual tattooing was painless, maybe a little pinch here and there. I am SO HAPPY with the results! Now my eyebrows look great EVERY day, not just when the kids sleep in and I have an extra 15 minutes to fill them in straight, which is just about never. No more accidentally wiping one eyebrow off halfway through the day leaving me looking like a crazy person. Best of all, I now have that perfect arch that I’m sure makes me look at least 8% smarter and I don’t have to pay for Botox every 10 months. Thank you Penny! Ashley N. Phoenix, AZ
Incredible permanent makeup artist – Absolutely beautiful results. I wasn’t asked to write any review of my permanent makeup experience with Penny at Wild At Heart Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona but I really couldn’t resist because I am so completely thrilled with the results…and I flew in from Seattle to have it done because I heard Penny was the best. Considering that this is called “permanent makeup” because it is intended to be permanent (not including the standard touch ups) I wasn’t going to have it done until I felt confident that I was going to have the best permanent makeup artist on the West Coast do the work. I did a lot of research for almost a year, and then had quite a few conversations with Penny (and two other artists) before committing to get on a plane to Arizona and get it done by Penny. And I’m so happy that I decided that she was “the one. “ I had my lips and eyeliner done and it’s beautiful! She is amazing, and so caring about the results that she completely put me at ease from the second we started until the moment we finished. And then, she called me every other day after I got home, to make sure I was doing exactly what she had suggested for the post procedure care and that I was happy. Penny, I’m not just happy, I love it!!! I would highly recommend Penny for her incredible talent, caring nature and truly beautiful results. Thank you so much Penny! You’re amazing and I’m so appreciative. Lydia T. Seattle, WA
I’m a man so I can’t really tell you anything other than this… I saw the most beautiful woman at Live Wire in Scottsdale. It took me about a half an hour (and two drinks) to work up the courage to go talk to her. Probably not the best first line but I blurted out, “I hope you don’t mind if I tell you that you have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.” She said, “That’s very nice and you can thank Penny for that.” I thought I was confused from the drinks and said, “Wait, what?” She said, “You can thank Penny, she did my eyes.” After some more conversation, which fortunately went a little better, she said she wanted to give me something. She reached into her handbag and with a smile, gave me Penny’s business card and told me to go get a facial and then call her! I thought, what kind of nonsense is this? Like I’m going to go get a facial just to take this girl out on a date! So, I’m at Wild at Heart Studio getting a facial by Penny (embarrassing to admit how far I will go to get a date) but it was actually really relaxing and felt great. And here I am. Now I’m a regular client of Penny’s, who really knows her stuff, and I’m actually dating Lisa with the beautiful eyes from Live Wire. What can I say other than…Thank you Penny ☺ Mike S. Scottsdale
OMG…Penny Anderson at Wild at Heart Studio is amazing. I got the whole permanent makeup package done by Penny, eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and lips and I absolutely LOVE IT! I can’t tell you the freedom I feel every morning not having to apply eyeliner and lipstick and also not having to wipe it off every evening. Truth be told, I have a friend who went to a different permanent makeup artist in Phoenix and even she will admit that the work she had done on her eyes and lips doesn’t compare to how beautiful Penny’s work is. Penny is such a professional and caring permanent makeup artist and took her time to make sure her work was perfect and that I was completely happy. She called me afterwards to make certain I was following her post procedure instructions because she wanted the best possible healing results. I would very highly recommend Penny for her expert talent and comforting demeanor. She’s truly great and her work is absolutely beautiful…and my husband (who was skeptical initially) agrees! Melissa G. Cave Creek, Arizona
Penny is THE BEST permanent makeup artist in Scottsdale!!! A year ago, I went to another woman who had a lot of great reviews on Yelp and was all over Google and truthfully, it was not a very pleasant experience and all the ink came out. It looked horrible and for months I ended up covering up her work with eyeliner and lipstick. An expensive pain in the neck. It was a really depressing situation. Then, my very good friend Mika recommended that we search on Instagram to see if we could find pictures of permanent makeup I liked in Arizona and we found Wild At Heart Studio. Penny’s work looked incredible and she even has better photos in her salon. I booked an appointment to redo my eyeliner and lips and Penny was a life saver. She knew immediately what had gone wrong. She did a test on me to check that the pigment would hold, and then she did the most beautiful work on my eyes and lips. I couldn’t be happier!!! And now, I’m one of the photos on her Instagram page @wildatheartstudio Thank you, thank you, thank you Penny. I LOVE IT!!! P.S. Penny, brace yourself for my Flagstaff friends, they’re on their way to you ☺ Trisha S. - Flagstaff, AZ.
"My experience with Penny Anderson at Wild At Heart Studio was outstanding. Penny trained me to do permanent makeup. She was an amazing trainer, very patient with me but most importantly very specific and detail oriented. She explained everything in great detail. I really felt comfortable with the different procedures and came to understand the importance of sanitation. Penny went through everything from start to end very thoroughly. If you are looking for a permanent makeup trainer, Penny is the best!" Mary Fernandez
"Simply put, I think this is Scottsdale’s finest. Owner/Operator Penny Anderson has created this beautiful “little hideaway” salon that feels so comfortable and private. The facials are the best I have had in Scottsdale, and believe me when I say that I have spent plenty of time and money in other salons with other aestheticians. Since I have been getting facials and treatments with Penny, my skin has never looked better. And I had permanent makeup on my lips and eyebrows and the work Penny did is beautiful. The color looks so natural that my friends keep telling me how great I look but they can’t put their finger on what is different. I don’t even bother going to spas when I travel anymore for facials because the experience and the results really don’t compare. Everyone I have sent to Penny for any of her services gets hooked. Penny, we love you! See you on Tuesday." Susan D. - Scottsdale, AZ
"Best Facial Ever!!! Penny has been taking care of my skin for 4 years now and it has never felt or looked better! She gives awesome facials that are super relaxing and still gets the job done. I would send anyone I know to her for skin care, waxing or permanent makeup!" Cassidy S - Phoenix, AZ
"I drive about an hour (from Goodyear) for facials and waxing at this studio. Penny is very detailed and thoroughly educated in her craft she used the best products and the most advanced techniques in waxing and facials. I also had some permanent make-up done and I was completely satisfied. She makes you feel very comfortable and respects your time at the same time." Dara L. - Phoenix, AZ
"I give Penny two thumbs up! I was referred to her by a friend and that was the best referral ever! In the past I had permanent makeup done twice on my eyebrows. Needless to say, she was the able to correct the previous work done and exceeded my expectations J I also had a facial by Penny and I can’t wait for the next one! She’s a keeper for life! She makes you feel comfortable, educates you on the process and consults you on the needs relating to your skin care." Elaine S. - Mesa, AZ
"I have been seeing Penny over the last 9 years for services that range from waxing to facials to permanent makeup, everything has been amazing! I struggle to keep my breakouts under control but with the use of great products and innovative treatments, not only have my breakouts been minimized, my scaring has been dramatically reduced. I no longer feel self-conscious about my skin. My permanent makeup, including wet line, lash enhancement and eyeliner look super natural and add so much when I do not feel like applying makeup! I would never feel comfortable going to anyone other than Penny, especially with the procedures I do on a regular basis. She is truly the best!" Kya B. - Littleton, CO.
"Thank you Penny for making my permanent makeup experience wonderful. You gave me love and care. I was afraid to experience any pain but you made it worthwhile. I am ready for my next appointment. Thank you for caring." Lydia P. - Tempe, AZ. 6/22/2012
"It’s been a long time since I had a facial this good. I had been given a gift certificate to this studio about 4 years before I even lived in AZ and happened to come across it while cleaning out some drawers. I would have never known this hidden treasure existed. It’s tucked away in a small studio, next to Suede Restaurant and Lounge. Penny the owner was kind enough to honor my gift certificate, something she normally wouldn’t do, because it was dated for 2004. I made sure to call in to see if it was still valid. Don’t let this small space fool you. Wonderful things come in small packages. Her studio is decorated with luxurious colors and textures just as fancy as any upscale commercial salon or spa you might visit. Perhaps, even more so. I had a Customized Signature Facial and it was FABULOUS. She used some of the most wonderfully fragrant aromatherapy products, complete with hand, arm, neck, scalp and shoulder massage too. My hands and forearms were wrapped in plastic and placed in warming mitts after the massage for the remainder of the facial I was in heaven!! In addition to facials Penny also specializes in permanent makeup procedures, scar camouflaging and corrective permanent makeup procedures and waxing. I couldn’t have left there any happier than I did I was actually GLOWING! I whole-heartedly recommend Penny and her services and I’ve decided to make my indulgences more of a priority and schedule monthly facials with her." Sarah G. - Phoenix, AZ
"Penny has been my one and only aesthetician for over 12 years! It all started with an eyebrow way, then a facial, moved to peels and and now eye liner permanent makeup. I had extremely severe cystic acne and her facials, along with her products have COMPLETELY ELIMINATED ALL MY ACNE and I now have beautiful clear skin. Anyone with acne knows how embarrassing and painful it can be, but Penny’s treatments and skin care regimens can control and even eliminate it. I now only go in for facials as part of a maintenance regimen and continue using her skin care products. She is the REAL DEAL! " Ben A. - Chandler, AZ. 3/12/14
"What else can I say, Penny is amazing. I have been seeing Penny for over 10 years now for my waxing and facial needs. She is friendly and professional and most importantly does a fantastic job. I have very sensitive skin and find it hard to use a lot of products out there but Penny uses the best ones and has always worked with me to make sure I am safe and comfortable. Once you see Penny there will be no going back. I moved out of state for a while and would still fly in just to get waxed and have my facials done. Penny’s the best!" Sarah J - Phoenix, AZ 3/1/2013
"Penny is more than a good esthetician. She’s professional, detailed, warm, dedicated and passionate about providing the best results for her customers. I suffer from what seemed to be a never ending (and very expensive) battle with acne, for over 10 years. Which after making me feel self conscious, made me feel powerless, and had already settled for a-little-better, here and there, skin. Penny changed that in a matter of months. Was able to do what Drs., and countless products couldn’t. She not only cleared my acne prone skin, but improved my skin’s quality, which boosted my confidence. I love visiting Penny and look forward to my sessions with her. Just when I think it cannot get any better, it does, and my friends and family keep noticing. My results are long-lasting, and they just get better and better. Thank you for all you have done with me and for me. Wishing you more and more success!" Mariana - Scottsdale, AZ
"Penny and Wild at Heart came very highly recommended by my hair stylist for permanent eyeliner…well actually, I got what’s called eyelash enhancer and I LOVE IT! Before getting the recommendation to go to Penny, I did a good deal of research to find the best artists since the procedure is permanent and it’s on my face. I actually called 3 different artists and talked to each of them. The first artist had a very pushy and arrogant “bed-side manner.” Her technique on her website looked rough to me. The second artist was just too old, and then I called Penny. Penny was patient and compassionate and answered all my questions to set my mind at ease. After our phone calls, I selected Penny to do the work. Her studio was just fantastic and soothing and Penny was truly fantastic during the procedure. She was methodical and a total perfectionist. She did not rush the process at all. She had a soft touch and was gentle and reassuring when I would flinch. Her service level was very high, both technically and on a personal level. In this trade, a calming and soft bedside manner is a REAL PLUS I assure you! She has amazing skills in her craft and it shows in how great my eyes look. She is a gem all the way around!" Susan - Honeywell Corp

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